Learn to Ski and Snowboard at Montana Ski Resorts

Learning to ski and snowboard is not just for young kids and teenagers. Anybody can do it and at any age! These are the most popular snow sports and for great reason, the exhilaration and adrenaline of rushing down a hill (or going slowly) is a wonderful experience.

Skiing and snowboarding at the extreme are hugely technical sports with a fairly long learning curve but the basic skills that make skiing or snowboarding an enjoyable activity are easily attainable by almost anyone. So follow along on a brief outline on how you can get started to learn to ski or learn to snowboard.

The first thing you will need is equipment. No need to rush out and buy anything. For your first few outings it is strongly advised that you just rent equipment. Don’t worry, they won’t give you junk. Every respectable ski hill has well maintained equipment and they will rent ski and snowboarding gear that fits you. You will need your own winter clothing and it’s best to dress in layers.

Try to have some kind of water repellant shell for your outer layer to keep you dry and protected from the wind. You will get a good workout and unless it’s extreme weather conditions you’ll likley shed a layer once you get started.

Next up is arranging to take some lessons. Try to resist having a friend show you how to ski or snowboard unless they are instructors! Don’t risk hurting yourself or getting frustrated because they may be setting to high of a bar for you or worse, being embarrassed while everyone watches you floundering around in the snow! At least while you are taking lessons you won’t be the only one flailing about in the snow.

So contact the ski school at the ski area you plan on visiting ahead of time and make reservations for your lesson. Don’t be bashful, ask questions. They are in the business of teaching people to ski and making it happen for you is their job.

Most Montana ski resorts have ski schools and some kind of learn to ski packages. Learn to Ski in 3 is a current promotion by most Montana ski areas that offers a discount for beginner skiers and snowboarders. You pay for three lift tickets with rentals and they include lessons! When you go to get your equipment rental, let the employees know that you are taking lessons and they will determine which type of snowboard or skis will be right for you.

Quick Ski and snowboarder ski school tips:

  • Make reservations ahead of time
  • Arrive for your lessons with rental equipment EARLY
  • Bring some water and a Snickers bar
  • Bring a positive attitude
  • Fall down and have fun doing it

Winter in Montana is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the scenery and fresh air and skiing, snowboarding and cross-country are great ways to enjoy it. Take advantage of Montana ski resorts, Learn to Ski in 3 and have some fun this winter. With a few lessons you’ll be carving nice turns in no time.

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