Things To Do in Barbados Surfing Guide

1. Stay on a Surf Break this way you can time your Surfing Sessions perfectly with the tides, wind and crowds. Take a look at our Beach House Rentals list, this list is for people coming to Barbados to Surf and put you right on the Surf Breaks around the Island.

2. Use Windguru Barbados to check the swell forecast they tend to get it right more often than not. Find some good surfboards at the local surf shop.

3. Rent a car some things are just worth having and if the waves are small where you are staying you are going to want to get on the other side of the island to surf, so don’t come all this way to get stuck at home the most reliable Car Rental In Barbados is Stouts .

4. Sunscreen is a must the wind tends to stay in the same direction all day, (so you can surf all day) and surfing at midday can hurt you in the end without a good sunblock.

5. Respect The Locals there are a lot of local surfers they usually rip and if you show respect you will not only make friends in the lineup but you will also get more than your fair share of waves.

6. Waves when the tradewinds are really high your best bet is the South Coast for waves South point or Freights bay. And when the tradewinds are low Soup Bowl is only 30min drive from the South.

7. Swim With The Turtles on any given day the waves maybe small or windy so take this opportunity to go snorkeling with the turtles and go sailing. I would recommend you contact Calypso Cruises.

8. Cuz Fish Shack fast, fresh and cheap Cuz fish shack is a one man operation with the best fish sandwiches you will ever eat in your life, this is a favorite for surfers and everyone in the know.

9. Party at Harbour lights Wednesday night dinner show is cool with and after party that is enjoyed by visitors and locals alike. Friday night its a all out $25us drinks free until 3 am kind of deal, with music an dancing all night long makes it hard to surf on Saturday mornings “hint”.

10. Oistins Fish Fry Friday night fish fry is usually where everyone goes for dinner on Friday its a nice vibe with lots of locals and Visitors eating, drinking and being merry, go early because the lineup for food can sometimes be very long.

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